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Spotlight On: Buying Rural Property

There are many benefits to choosing to purchase rural property. Living like this can help improve your health in many different ways and it can actually be a lot cheaper. The country life can be a welcome escape for many people and some believe it to be a less stressful way of life. It can also be a good investment too. If you are thinking of buying rural property, these are some points to consider.

The Right Location

As with any type of property, it is important that you buy a property in the right location to suit your needs. You should be aware of the local neighbourhood and the accessibility to your property, as well as local amenities. With rural properties, you may need to be a bit more aware of what you are getting for your money and what the roads etc. are like, particularly if buying rurally for the first time.

Size Versus Budget

You may want the biggest rural property you can find, but do you realistically have the budget? The last thing you want is to find that you are struggling to keep up with payments, or that you won’t be able to sell it further down the line. Take time to consider your budget and the size of the rural property you can afford before you make a purchase.

Property Specialists

It is important to work with people who understand the rural market, so you know if you are getting good value for money – especially if you are new to buying this kind of property. They will also be able to assist with the documentation and explain the processes more carefully. Working with knowledgeable professionals is essential in getting the most from your rural property.

Sale Items

You also need to understand what additional items you will receive as part of the sale. For example, you may receive gates, fence posts or other equipment. The more information you have about what is included as part of the sale, the better, so there are no surprises further down the line.

We are trusted experts in rural property and we can help offer you advice and support on making your purchase. Contact us today to find out more!


by Simmons & Sons
Posted on Apr 18 2017