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Summer vs Winter: When Should You Sell?

Is there a best season to put your property on the market? Some claim that picking the correct time of year to sell affects anything from the likelihood of securing a buyer quickly to getting the best price. Here at Simmons & Sons, we thought we would take a look at the truth behind these tales.

Summer, Winter or Neither?

The process of house hunting is surely more pleasant, and therefore active, in summer with the longer days and the kinder weather? Well, not necessarily! Summer is also the time when people go on holiday and families have their hands full with child care. Winter involves bad weather and short, dark days that are not ideal for viewing properties and the festive period, when most are happy to stay put. So maybe neither season is ideal for house selling?

In Between

Spring or autumn are often touted as best, with sufficient light and potential for reasonable weather without the associated issues we’ve noted for summer and winter. Spring, in particular, is a good time for selling family homes as many potential buyers will be looking to move at the end of the school year rather than cause disruption mid-term.

Does the Season Work for You?

There are buyers for properties all year round - less active does not mean completely inactive. A well maintained and presented house in a popular area will always go for a good price.

Rather than worrying about whether you are selling at the wrong time of year for the market, you may instead want to consider how well the current season might show off, or indeed not show off your house. When would its most attractive features be most appreciated? Established and well-maintained gardens and light airy rooms will delight viewers in summer, whereas cosy, warm inviting rooms with roaring open fireplaces or ranges will sell themselves in the colder and darker winter months.

We hope this article has given you a few useful pointers to keep in mind. If you would like more advice on selling your house contact us today to explore your options.

by Simmons & Sons
Posted on Mar 15 2017