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5 Things Landlords Should Consider When Hosting Viewings

Private landlords can earn a steady income by letting out a property. However, here at Simmons & Sons we understand that the process of finding the right tenant isn’t always simple. Instead, there’s plenty to think about – including factors such as rent, leases and appearance. Luckily, you can make life much easier for yourself by considering the following questions when hosting a viewing.

Does the Property Look its Best?

You might believe the property to be worth a certain amount because you’ve seen it looking its best. But you can’t expect possible tenants to understand its potential if it’s looking unclean, untidy or worn. Instead, you may have to consider if it really is worth the price you’re asking.

Is The Price Firm?

You will find that many perspective tenants will initially offer below the asking price. While it’s true that many might just be testing their luck, others might be willing to walk away if a new figure can’t be agreed. Therefore, always decide how firm your asking price is just in case a tenant goes under. 

Will Any Tenants Do?

The best tenants are usually the ones with professional references. This way you know that they are reliable. However, in the event that none of those types of people make an offer, you may have to consider entertaining other interested parties.

Is the Lease Flexible?

More often than not, long term leases are more preferable. However, if you’re asking for 18 month contracts and nobody’s biting, it might be time to think about other offers. Sometimes viewings will go extremely well, it’s just that the tenant is unwilling to stretch to such a long term lease.

Are the Letting Agency Doing the Property Justice?

This is obviously the most important element to consider before a viewing. You should feel comfortable that the letting agent is capable of selling your property and working in your best interest. You can ensure this is the case by choosing a reliable property specialist like Simmons & Sons.

Help is Available

Simmons & Sons can ease all your concerns when letting out your property. It will mean that you’ve considered all the important factors before your first viewing and therefore you don’t have to worry about missing out. For more information, contact us today.

Simmons & Sons are a Member of The Association of Residential Lettings Agents (ARLA), a professional membership and regulatory body for letting agents and letting agencies in the UK. 

by Simmons & Sons
Posted on Feb 14 2017